Strategy Consulting

Think of us as collaborative partners in your strategic
planning. We look at your business from every angle
to develop strategies for overcoming business challenges.

We aim to support our clients in order to address all aspects of their strategic agenda. Understanding the key issues and opportunities that a company must address to drive profitable growth.

Making business model choices about market participation, customer proposition and operating model. Aligning the organisation from structure to process, people and culture.

Strategy consulting services we offer;

Strategic planning

Identification of strategic opportunities for growth through rigorous analysis of a business’s market environment, competitive landscape and internal capabilities. Formulation, planning and monitoring of strategic initiatives to achieve growth objectives

Market entry and Acquisition Search

Decision support in evaluating new markets through a review of market size, growth potential, regulatory and competitive environment. Quantification of the potential opportunity, operational planning and business model selection to support new market entry. Acquisition target and joint-venture partner identification, evaluation and synergy identification. Deep understanding of target positioning (products, capabilities, customers) and assessment of business sustainability and positioning 

Proposition development and operational change

Helping to achieve sustainable competitive advantage through the alignment of proposition (and supporting organisational structure and processes) with customer needs. This may involve proposition benchmarking to competition (price, product range and depth, promotion), consumer segmentation and profiling and analysing the impact of any proposed changes on current business operations. 

Strategic Supply Chain Improvement

Identification of sources of competitive advantage in the supply chain and operational planning and implementation support for procurement and manufacturing initiatives to drive competitive advantage 

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