People Development Services

World-class people and organizational capabilities
are a source of competitive advantage.

World-class people and organizational capabilities are a source of competitive advantage. Successful organizations are agile and focused, with the right leaders in the right positions. They have strong change management capabilities and the flexibility to embrace new ways of working in an age of constant digital disruption and high-paced evolution.

People development services we offer;

Human Capital Strategic planning

A human capital strategy is a strategy that outlines the human resources and skills needed to allow an organization to achieve its goals. It is based on workforce planning and is supported by talent management systems.  

Workforce Planning

A good workforce plan will help your organisation be more successful and make sure that you have the right people in place to meet the changing needs and future opportunities for your business. Our workforce planning and development tool will help you analyse and reflect on your current approach to planning and developing your existing and future workforce with Capworth Consultants holding your hand every step of the way. 

Recruitment Strategy and Talent Acquisition

A thorough recruitment strategy and induction process can help both the employer and the candidate to understand if they are a good match we offer a tailored consultancy service that can help you drive, empower and execute your strategy 

On-boarding Strategy and Outsourcing

According to a study by the Society for Human Resource Management, employees that go through a structured Onboarding process are 58% more likely to stay in the organization within the next 3 years. We help our clients implement effective On-boarding strategy to improve their long-term success. 

Employee Engagement Strategy

An effective employee engagement strategy will make your organization better in every way and increase overall customer satisfaction. An effective employee engagement strategy will help your company retain talent, improve customer satisfaction and save money. We help our clients implement effective employee engagement strategy. 

Organizational Design

Put most simply, good organisation design is about structuring your entire organisation (or individual functions or business units) so it supports the delivery of strategy and performance targets. And it also means aligning structure, roles and accountabilities to other, interconnected elements of your operating model, including processes, data, IT, governance, performance measures, and culture. We help our clients implement effective organisation design to improve their long-term success. 

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